Panama 巴达马



The Panama originated in Indian, meaning "fish town". The development of national economy is closely connected with the Panama Canal. The designer will be full of the intersection lines of text and graphics to draw the feeling of the river waves, and clever use of hand pull buckle. Decorated in a glittering River, fish freely breathing scene in the water. And with the exquisite picture frame shape along the canal. A pair of elegant yet stable vividly in front of the "land of plenty". The interlocking design, a symbol of family, career and marriage stability. According to Feng Shui, water as the only (talent, Qian Cai); scale lines, vivid, a symbol of Everything is going smoothly. It is a moral life. Comfortable sense and texture, is advocating a healthy 'favorite freedom, respected atmosphere of the atmosphere of the people must be the product.-金沙js93011.com